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UTM Firewall refers to a comprehensive security product that includes protection against the multiple threats, secure individual PC’s or businesses from intruders, hackers and malicious code. A UTM appliance typically includes Firewall softwares, Virtual Private Network, Gateway Antivirus, Anti- Spam, Web Content Filtering, Antivirus firewall, Intrusion Detection and also Centralised Management, Monitoring Logging in a single logging package.

We offer a flexible security solutions and best firewalls in Vile Parle & Mumbai to address your business requirements ranging from the network perimeter to data centre. Our team of expert comprehends the challenges and provide a security and best firewall protectionsolution that aligns with your core business objectives.

Key Benefits

Firewall system protects data inside the organization from being hacked by exploiting web application vulnerabilities
Content filtering- Allows blocking of non-business related web traffic including streaming media sites, downloads, instant messaging etc. In order to reduce unnecessary load on enterprise bandwidth
Automatic link failover-shifts network load from inactive ISP lines to active lines in order to reduce internet downtime and streamline the transition.
Bandwidth Manager-allows the allocation of enterprise bandwidth on the basis of individual users or user groups.
Gateway Antivirus- Scans all incoming and outgoing network traffic at the gateway level. Extends existing virus solutions by reducing the window of vulnerability (WOV).
VPN – provides it administrators with a means for secure communications between the company’s remote users and for building site-to-site connections
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